Our Software

With the management software of the SMA equipment you will find an indispensable tool for improving the management and control of your vehicles and machine tools . The software system is a novel online management and control. Allows creation of user profiles with special permits as further backup profile SMA Support .

With the management software machinery SMA you may:

  • Have an inventory of machinery owned by the company
  • Schedule and plan corrective and preventive controls for machines and vehicles.
  • Alerts on preventive maintenance that could ocurred.
  • Have a lubrication plan for each of their equipment.
  • Establish and maintain control of maintenance and repair of equipment . Setting the hour meter / mileage in that effect and the date when it was done.
  • Have a list of outstanding repairments that are due , ie minor repairs or corrections that are not a cause to stop the machine.
  • List of pending repairs classified by system, eg equipment : Mechanical , electrical , welding , allowing to plan the technical staff.
  • Set specific maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Having a database with all their workers and suppliers for your company.
  • Keep track of the tasks performed by the workers in relation to machines and vehicles.
  • Having control over time and mileage on the rental of the equipment.
  • Having control over the activities of the machines daily.
  • Allows you to keep tabs on the fuel consumption of machines and vehicles. Whether in gallons per hour or miles per gallon
  • Anticipate future maintenance.
    • Full reports on the transactions
    • Next maintenance, day Produced by operators or machines.
    • Preventive Maintenance.
    • Corrective Maintenance.
    • Reports Contracting (or tenants).
    • Fuel consumption.
    • Shopping Report.
    • Report pending.
    • Report daily information and Machines.
    • Other possibilities that can be adjusted to the needs of your business.
  • Calculate the operating times on each machine, each operator to facilitate the payment of bonuses to traders and certifying experience trading hours on each machine operators