SMA & Software Engineering

SMA & Software Engineering is a company focused on the online management of fleet of machinery and vehicles, we have a highly trained team in the fields of mechanical and systems engineering. Our extensive experience in managing fleet of vehicles and equipment makes us an ideal company to develop technical equipment, software to improve the monitoring, maintenance and management of corporate workstations.

In SMA we reckon of solutions for the management of machines and vehicles for your company. Our main objective is the satisfaction of our clients by providing the best service, offering solutions to improve their operations and reduce their costs, and adjusting our software for their needs and those of your business. At SMA we are an ally to strengthen your business.


SMA & software engineering will be the most important organization, leader, efficient and solid in the provision of intelligent solutions for managing machines and vehicles in Latin America, specializing in the specific needs of companies that manage a fleet of vehicles, recognized as an entity with the highest standards of quality in service-oriented and customer satisfaction


To develop and produce a high quality software for the management of machinery and equipment, which is flexible to the needs of the clients, using the most advanced technology to get access to information from anywhere, accompanied by the best training in structuring departments Equipment supporting our clients in implementing controls and processes. Ensuring optimization of resources to help clients to become leaders in service and profitability.