Frequently asked questions

To access the SMA software you can contact through our website on the Contact Us page or lines in Colombia +57 300 6001127

Yes, our machinery management software has the option to manage any type of vehicle controls can be configured to carry both mileages as hour meter or two if necessary.

With SMA software can have an inventory of our customers know when teams that number of hours worked in certain Contracting and / or Construction rented

In SMA think of our customers, so we have easy access graphical interface and management for our users , just as SMA Software has textual support and audiovisual support through videos to provide us with management program.

Through Modules Reports can export a complete report of all transactions recorded by the software. You can rest assured your data is safe on our servers

In SMA can register all users you need and give each specific permits required.

Sure you can , if your business requires a specific report , we will work for you and at a reasonable cost will design the report you require , remember that we are flexible.

With SMA can enumerate all computers in the company and carry a complete inventory of the equipment we have in the system , and controlling maintenance thereof.

Whenever an operation this equipment must be entered into the system by a typist , so you can take complete control over who has the team that manages the operator , mileage or hour meter that was sent and what it is the customer who alkyl. We can also find out if you are in preventive or corrective maintenance.

SMA 's not an accounting platform therefore NO issues bills , however you will find in all the necessary information and very simple reports that allow you to settle in a very agile operating time of your machines.